“Policewomen” (1974)


Studio: Crown International Pictures
Starring: Sondra Currie, Tony Young, Elizabeth Stuart
Directed by: Lee Frost
Rated: R
Running Time: 90 min.

Synopsis: A policewoman tries to stop a girl gang who are smuggling drugs and gold lead by an old lady.


Chris Woods

Policewomen is sort of like a female version of James Bond, and the lead character played by TV and movie vet Sondra Currie, name is Lacy Bond. Although she does have some gadgets like a lighter that’s a homing device and a compact that’s a radio, that’s really all the Bondish stuff that’s in the film. Actually I’m not sure why it’s called Policewomen when it’s about just one policewoman.

Anyway, the movie starts off with a jailbreak at a woman’s prison, where Lacy is a guard. She ends up stopping one girl but two get away. After that a very cool intro is played with black and white cut out stills of Lacy being shown through out the credits. She poses in her police gear, then in a bikini, evening gown, etc. It’s backed with 70’s style music that fits it like a glove.

Once the movie gets going, Lacy is assigned to help the police force track down a group of female drug and gold smugglers lead by an old lady, Maude Andreson. First, Lacy has to prove herself to the male cops that think she doesn’t have what it takes for the assignment. Of course she out does them in the entire test that she endures, even kicking some trainer’s ass in karate. Lacy is welcomed into the boys club and now they’re off to stop the girl gang.

Meanwhile, at the girl gang’s mansion, a car pulls up and has two of the girls that escaped from prison in the trunk. One of the girls is part of Maude’s gang, but the other has to prove herself. She ends up fighting one girl in a great catfight of all catfights. It’s a pretty kick ass fight scene between the two ladies. Well, the girl proves herself and she’s welcomed into the fold.

Back with the police force, Lacy and her partner, Frank, end up going to island posing as a couple. They hear that the gang is doing a pick up somewhere out in the water. The two officers get to know each one a little bit better later that night, which of course was leading in that direction anyway. The next day when they track down a boat from the gang heading for a pick up. Frank jumps aboard their boat to try and stop them, but gets his ass kicked by the girls. Lacy comes to the rescue and hands them their ass. With the girls caught it stops the pick up for now, but Maude has other girls. This leads to Lacy deciding to go undercover and join the group, thinking it’s the only way to stop them.

Not a bad 70’s action flick. Some parts were kind of slow and some bad acting from the supporting cast. The leads were pretty good, mostly Sondra Currie’s performance. Some good catfight scenes and some sexy women will make it worth a look.