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Fanboy Expo 2014

I am always up for trying something new where conventions are concerned, especially given the disappointing stagnation many of the Florida shows seem to be in these days. I was sold on Fanboy Expo thanks to both the appearance of Lee Majors and Richard Anderson, best known for The Six Million Dollar Man television series but each have a list of credits a mile long, and my friend Anthony Lopez wanting to attend.  Neither Anthony nor I had been to a Fanboy Expo before, even though this was its third year in Florida, so since we are both big fans of The Six Million Dollar Man, we decided this was the year to give it a try.

The 2014 Fanboy Expo was held at the Downtown Tampa Hilton on September 12-14. A review of the information on their website made this look like strictly one day’s worth of activities so we decided to attend on Saturday and just pay $20 for the single day admission.  As soon as we had our plans set, I floated the idea to a few friends but it wasn’t met with much …