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DVD Review: Without Warning

Released By: Shout Factory!
Release Date: August 5, 2014
Number of Discs: 2
Approximate Running Time: 89 Minutes
Special Features: Audio Commentary Track, Interviews, Trailers, Still Gallery
Suggested Price: $26.99

 The Source: Teens taking a day trip to a secluded lake run afoul of an alien hunter and loony locals.  The cast is rapidly whittled down to two survivors who must stop the extraterrestrial invader or join the rest of the body count in his intergalactic trophy case.

 The Fanboy Factor: Seven years before Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in the big budget science fiction opus Predator, Greydon Clark made a litigiously similar low budget film with, in some cases, superior results.  In addition to a nearly identical core plot, both films also star the same actor, the late Kevin Peter Hall, as the alien hunter.  It is obvious someone associated with Predator must have seen Without Warning first and pegged it for a multi-million dollar remake.

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