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Abbey Road on the River 2014

After my debut adventure at this show in 2012, I missed the 2013 installment due to a conflicting schedule.  At the last minute I did try to swing it but by then the hotel was already sold out and this is one show that is best experienced from on the premises.  As a consolation though I booked my stay for the 2014 show a year in advance and began the wait.  I knew 2014 was the 50th anniversary of Beatlemania in America and what better way to celebrate this landmark then at a weekend long music fest dedicated to the Fab Four?  Needless to say, by the time May rolled around this year I had my bag packed and was ready to head for Louisville, KY to get my Beatles on!

This year’s show reunited most of the same crew from 2012, all of which except for my wife Cindy and I had gone last years as well.  As fun as this show is on its own, having some cool friends to attend it with makes it infinitely better.  Chris Nunley is the lead singer of the 60’s group The Royal Guardsmen who e …