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Megacon 2014

I have always believed that there is an entity or entities that protect the fanboy in his pursuit of fandom and after Megacon 2014 weekend in Orlando I am certain of it.  I have always been a creature of habit when it comes to this show and am used to daytripping Megacon in one long, fun Saturday.  This year, for no particular reason, I decided at pretty close to the last minute that I would go down on Friday afternoon and stretch the festivities over two days for a change.  In the end this proved to be an excellent choice and increased my enjoyment of the event exponentially.

Since I was adding a second day on to my Megacon adventure this year I really wasn’t in a rush to get there on Friday, March 21.  The show was once again held at the Orange County Convention Center but this time it was in the South Hall which is part of the new area and not as conveniently located as the original building.  I met my friend Danny for lunch nearby and checked into my hotel before finally …