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Loose in Las Vegas: 2015

[caption id="attachment_8231" align="alignright" width="257"] My favorite slot machine from my 2015 Vegas trip was the awesome 1966 Batman television series one. The similar one from the 70's Wonder Woman show was a close second.[/caption]

Visiting Vegas has become something of an annual tradition with me but other trips and considerations kept me out of Sin City in 2014.  Towards the end of that year, my friend Danny told me he wanted to go to Vegas for March Madness and I knew, just over two years after my last visit, it was time for me to return as well.  A lot had changed since my 2013 trip, including a significant increase in airfare costs and a lot of landscape revisions.  It was definitely time to catch up.

Non-stop flights to Vegas are getting hard to come by in the Jacksonville area so I decided to fly out of Orlando with Danny.  This may seem like a lavish decision but a non-stop flight across the country at a good time can add an extra day onto your vacation and th …