The Comic Book Connection: A One Man Show


Joe Peace takes the old adage “if you want something done right do it yourself” a little too literally when it comes to putting on comic books shows.  After participating in and even partnering up on other people’s comic book conventions, Peace realized that he had enough inventory to carry an entire show himself and this would allow him to call all the shots.   With a few helpers in tow, he now travels the state of Florida bringing four color fun with him wherever he goes.


Joe Peace talks comics at his one man show.

The one man show philosophy works out well, not only for Joe who maximizes the amount of merchandise he can fit into a show, but also for the attendees who know they count on the same quality and bargains at every event.  At a typical Comic Book Connection show, buyers can find everything from 50 cent reader comics to high end CGC books ready to go into the most critical of collections.  New fans can also find a plethora of trade paperbacks and treasury editions available to get them caught up on superhero history.   If comic books aren’t necessarily your thing, there are also magazines and even a nice selection of toys to plunder through.


A small sample of higher end Silver Age comic books on display.

Obviously one person can’t fill shows like this with an ever changing array of quality books without constantly acquiring new merchandise and no collection of comic books is too large or small for Joe.  He purchases individual books through entire warehouses to keep his shelves stocked with fresh material and at his shows there is a place for everything.  One unique niche he has found is in bundling sets of books, sometimes full runs of a title or just a key time period but always with sequential issues at an affordable price.  This can help jump start a comic book collection or just keep an avid reader busy for the weekend.


There's something for everyone at a CBC show!

Joe Peace has spent several years honing his craft and now travels around in his own “bookmobile” – a moving truck packed from floor to ceiling with neatly packed comic book short boxes all labeled and ready to drop into whatever size area he has reserved for his next show.  This system is founded on meticulous planning and constantly rotating his inventory.  His December 7 and 8 show at the Baymeadows Ramada Inn in Jacksonville, Florida will be one of his largest yet.  He has 5,500 square feet of floor space and over 500 boxes of comic books set aside for the event.  Racks will line the walls with a selection of more collectible comics while one entire corner will be set aside for boxes of discount books to fit any price range.  With these prices and this selection, it’s almost impossible not to find something to add to your collection at a Comic Book Connection show but if you don’t see that one special book you need to complete a run, just ask Joe – he can find it for you!


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